Ancient Creatures

$ 235.00

From Abelisaurus to Zigongosaurus, this new encyclopedia provides students, teachers, and general interest readers a comprehensive look on dinosaurs and ancient creatures that roamed the Earth more than 65 million years ago.

Each entry includes key information either in chart or picture form that lists the name, pronunciation, and its meaning, as well as scientific classification, location of the fossil on a map of the world, estimated size in comparison to an average human, and the time period in which the animal existed. The extensive explanations on each animal follow, and include a detailed introduction, classification, anatomy, reproduction and population, intelligence, diet, behavior, habitat and other life forms, research, bibliography on relevant sources, websites for further research, and a vocabulary chart on pertinent words. Each dinosaur has a 3-D CGI picture representation of what the animal would have looked like in its habitat. Written for upper level high school and undergraduate students, this new resource will provide with a wide array of advanced scientific and biological information on these interesting creatures.

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