Great Lives from History: Scientists and Science, Second Edition

$ 395.00

This second edition of Great Lives from History: Scientists & Science highlights nearly 400 of the greatest scientists in history, from Aristotle and the field of formal logic to Shinya Yamanaka and stem cell research.  Last published in 2012, this new edition adds 10 years of scientific achievement, to profile individuals who made life-changing discoveries in nearly 90 categories, including acoustics, anatomy, astrophysics, bacteriology, biochemistry, climatology, conservation biology, genetics, information theory, logic, nuclear physics, oceanography, oncology, quantum mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, and virology. With all entries reviewed, many updated, and the addition of many new scientists, this three-volume set includes current discussions on recent scientific discoveries in evolutionary biology, quantum theory and quantum chemistry, HIV and cancer treatments, immunology, MRI technology, neurodegeneration and more.

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